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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine plays a very important role in treatment of  many illnesses such as women's health conditions, seasonal allergy, emotional problems, insomnia, digestions and skin problems.

Each Chinese herbal medicine formula composed of different ingredients.  Putting together a herbal formula is highly specific and should based on individual's medical condition.  Since choosing the right herbal ingredients is a complicated process, it requires ample knowledge in Chinese medicine, patients should  always consult with qualified herbalists.

In Legend Rehabilitation, herbal medicine is always prescribed by board certified herbalist. To ensure high quality of herbs and safety of our patients, we only order our herbs through renowned, reputable pharmacy stores which have strict policy  to examine  the safety of their product.

Herbs can be prescribed in form of capsule, granules or processed raw plant. Your herbalist will explain which form of herb is most suitable for your condition.


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